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Contraceptive Nay or Yahy in Marriage?

Should Couples Encourage the use of Contraceptives?
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Marriage as ordained by God, is meant for two opposite s*x, for the purpose of reproduction and pleasure, but in this 21st century partners tend to deprive each other of s*x, in the name of family planning, tiredness, not in mood, work etc, are the excuses given by both parties

condom is defined as a flexible sleeve or latex worn on the male organ to prevent conception and STDs and STI,
while s*x is the fusion of the male and female organ for the purpose of conception or pleasure.
Many family has broken today, due to lack of pleasure in s*x, contraceptive in marriage is good, according to the family planners but in the religious perspective it is wrong because it negate the purpose of God for marriage.

If we also look at the state of economy in Nigeria as a nation no one thinking with his senses would discourage contraceptive among couples.

Condom helps those who have high libido to keep their home in order by helping them control child bearing rate and at the same time getting their desired pleasure in s*x within their court which is between the couples.

Some family have use their spirituality and tradition to kill the reality in sense that, they would give birth without control and plan, these families due to their ignorance of contraception they would give birth to liabilities in the society.

In fact, tradition is the prime force, fighting against contraception, for example the Fulanis Hausa, borom etc all detest protection during s*x between husband and wife regardless of the risk attached to it
Funny enough, all these are  primarily induced by lack of s*x education .

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