3 MAJOR CAUSES OF RAPE IN NIGERIA By Adebayo ‘Royale’ Oloko 3 MAJOR CAUSES OF RAPE IN NIGERIA By Adebayo ‘Royale’ Oloko - Gistmattaz Ng : Nigeria News | Latest Naija News Today 24/7


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I write this article with tears in my eyes - Literally. 

So far, 2020 has been all forms of crazy; the Pandemic, Police brutality, Killings, Economic crisis, and most recently, Rape cases. 

The rise in the number of Rape cases in Nigeria is alarming, and worrisome. The situation was brought to the forefront of discussions following the horrifying rape and murder of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa; the 22-year-old 100-level student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN). 

Reports have it that Uwa was reading in her church; a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) parish - as it was her custom to - when this gruesome act happened. 

Rape cases have become a trending headline on several news outlets, especially social media.

Many survivors have summoned the courage to come out, to speak about their experience(s), and speak against RAPE. 

Unfortunately, there are many people who are either ignorant, or plain stupid and cruel to suggest that victims have a fault in rape; they seem to Justify this cruel act. 

I realised - after reading some posts and comments on this matter - that there’s a need to deliberately educate people on this topic. It goes as basic as starting a conversation among your friends - to be sure you don’t have a rapist or a rape apologist as a friend. 

Having said all of that, the 3 major causes of rape in nigeria are:


NOTHING JUSTIFIES RAPE, and under no circumstance whatsoever, is the victim at fault. 

Rape is always caused by rapists. It is NEVER the fault of the victims. 

If you think otherwise, or this doesn’t just sit well with you, you are either a RAPIST or a RAPE APOLOGIST - possibly both -  so, check youself.

According to Urban Dictionary, a RAPE APOLOGIST is “a person who defends acts of rape, usually by claiming rape is not a serious crime or that people do not need to give consent to sex.”

It also adds that a RAPE APOLOGIST is “any person who suggests that women may be able to take precautions to reduce their chances of being raped, such as carrying a concealed weapon for self defense or avoiding places where crime is likely while alone at night.” 

Of course, I know, society has failed us; it has failed the female gender. It will be somewhat wise for women to be at alert, and devise smart escaping means - like having a pepper spray in their bags, always. It seems like good advice, right? Okay. 

Now, what will your advice to minors be? What would you have a baby do? What would have a 4-year-old whose dad or uncle molested her, do? What will be your advice to a 12-year-old, who - to survive - hawks groundnut after school hours? - take karate classes? 

Uwa was murdered in ‘a church’ - where else could have felt safer for her?

Ladies can barely walk freely on the streets, and in markets, without being sexually harassed. 

Preach decency, but don't be callous. Don’t preach it in the context of rape. Be careful not to infer that a victim was raped because she was dressed like a ‘whore’. 

Mama at 70 years was raped by a 25-year-old man, ‘Uncle’ raped his 6-year-old niece; how ‘inappropriately’ dressed could they have been? - sickening yeah? - right! 

Even if she is a sexworker, she shouldn’t be raped; nobody has rights to any other person’s body. 

Like I said earlier, our society has failed us. Very little or no education on rape, sexual molestation, consent, amongst many others. However, this is no excuse to be a rapist or a rape apologist. 

Other than social media trends, we need to have more real life conversations. There’s a need to educate the male and female child. Let the male child know that he’s not a predator, and the female child needs to understand that she’s not a prey, and never to be ‘preyed’ on.

The Predator-Prey narrative has got to change. We cannot afford to be silent about this matter. Speak out! Speak up!     

While we advocate for authorities to be more responsive in dealing with the occurrence of this act, we won’t stop at that. We will be more vocal about this.

Remember, the aim is to engage in more conversations about this matter, and not arguments. 

Conversations are aimed at learning and unlearning; the latter will only get people defensive - no knowledge can be shared that way.

Our stance is clear, and it is against Rape.

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  1. Nice one, well said.
    Well done

  2. Rape shouldn't be justified for any reason whatsoever, it's a menace to the human environment and so should be discouraged.

  3. This is so well written, passes a clear and direct message.
    Well done!


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