"I have a boyfriend but I'm falling in Love with Someone Else" - Lady Confesses. "I have a boyfriend but I'm falling in Love with Someone Else" - Lady Confesses. - Gistmattaz Ng : Nigeria News | Latest Naija News Today 24/7

"I have a boyfriend but I'm falling in Love with Someone Else" - Lady Confesses.

I started dating my boyfriend months ago and even before we started dating we've been good friends. He is intelligent, funny, has a great personality and takes good care of me. When he asked me to be his girlfriend I was so happy, because he is such a great guy. My boyfriend is in his final year in the same university that I attend. I'm still in my second year.

There is this guy in my department who is very good looking and also intelligent. He isn't jovial and extroverted like my boyfriend, but he is cool in a very confident and attractive kind of way. We started talking recently and he told me he finds me attractive. I told him that I have a boyfriend and he didn't seem fazed and never talked about the subject of my relationship. He still complimented my body and looks from time to time even though I didn't respond to his compliments in a way that indicated that I was in support of his actions.

During this covid-19 break we began talking more often over the phone and through texts and I always found our conversations interesting. A lot of times we'd talk till midnight. He is very witty and creative with words and I always smile whenever I see his texts or receive his calls.

Few weeks ago we talked about sexual fetishes and I realized we both had similar fetishes. This made him even more interesting because I found myself able to talk about stuff I hadn't talked about with anyone before, not even my boyfriend. This guy is not like anyone I've ever met before. His views on life are very unique and original and his personality is so complex and his sexuality is very intriguing.

The problem now is that I am beginning to develop strong feelings for this guy. When he calls me on the phone I don't wish the call to end. I find myself talking to him for minutes not minding the time. He is beginning to occupy my thoughts a lot and I don't know what to do. I still love my boyfriend but there is something about this guy that just seems to draw me to him.

I don't want to do anything that will break my boyfriend's heart.

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