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READ: Late in the Midnight by Afolabi Mofolorunsho

Late in the midnight thoughts of old slides into the subconscious, some comes along with smile, while some with tears and regrets of the steps we've failed to take.

But no worries the end and the joy of it all is that, we are going to sleep over it and forget the mistakes and the flaws we've made. Though they might come as a nightmares but we are sure to always win in that space. 

Late in the midnight, the hour where the impossible comes to life and find itself in the reality. Breakthroughs happens at that time, when the doors are shut, the infants are off to bed and the brain tend to grow it mouth and speak to our hearts.

Lol, the best time to make babies for couples, of course the hormone tend to flow more than the stress hour.

Late in the midnight, evil happens: This is not good, but this is the time the obnoxious takes place, from stealing, to killing, and destructions of destinies. It's a dangerous time!

If you are a spiritual man, it's the best time to reach the heavenlies: when the earth is quiet and the seas are calm. We speak gently to the ears of the host and He gives answers to our heart cries speedily.

This is a moment I always cherish, though sometimes the wahala under the sun can steal this precious moment away from me. But Nay! I say to it, Get thee behind me. 

Hmm! I've also come to notice that productive meetings, like the political powers holds secret meetings in the late night. 

Yeah! Brilliant student loves late night, it's their friend, as they relate best with her than their teachers because It's speaks better and clearer to them. 

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