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Top 10 Craziest Things That Have Happened in 2020 So Far

The year 2020 has beautiful is an irony of itself. The picture we had in mind about this year is contrary to what we've been seeing so far. 
According to many, they would have preferred we just jump to the next year and skip this year of perilious happenings.

First on our list is the obvious SARS Covid-19 that started ravaging the world since late 2019. Breaking ties between nations, causing controversies in industries.

Below are the Top 10 Craiziest Happening of 2020 so far.

1. Corona Virus Breakout:
 The Pandemic is the least many of us were expecting to hit us in 2020. And scientist had predicted huge loss of lives to this deadly virus before the end of 2020.

2. Australian Bush Fire: 
Australian Bush fire | BBC News

this disaster started in November 2019 Till early 2020, as 25.5m expanse of Land as big as south Korea was razed by fire, claimed 36 lives, 3000 homes were destroyed and Lot of properties destroyed... It was dark period for Australia.

3. Death of Kobe Bryant:
 the news was shocker to the world, no one was set for a crash. It wasn't just him,  it includes his family and friends. 

4. Donald Trump Discharged and Acquitted of all Charges of Impeachment:

After all the efforts to impeach trump by the US house and it's speaker Nancy Pelosi. The indefatigable Trump tend to win at the end. If he had lost, it would have been a very bad record for America and Donald Trump himself.

George Floyd who was killed by a Minneapolis police who knelt on his neck. The action of the police spike up outrage all over America and the world, especially amongst blacks and white. The White police action was termed racist, due to the inhumane way he handled Floyed till death.

6. Indonesia Flood and Landslide:
time magazine

 it was a. Sad moment For Indonesians, as deaths and homeless hit the Asian country. 

7. Border Conflict between China and India:
vietnam explorer news channel

The conflict occurred due to a Killing of Chinese soldiers by Indian soldiers on the border line of the two countries. Which sparked up rage and almost build up war amongst the two world most populous nations.

8. The Creation of a New Nation Called Chaz in Seattle:

George Floyd protests. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), also known as Free Capitol Hill, is an occupation protest and self-declared autonomous zone in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.


6.4 Magnitude Earth Quake in Puerto Rico..
Image credit:

The popular tourist city Puerto Rico in Mexico was hit by a disastrous earthquake that claimed lives and properties.. 

10. Massive Unemployment: 
Image credit: forbes

As a result of the Corona Virus outbreak many company's have lost capacity to retain staff, therefore triggered laying off workers around the world. It was said that.
Global economic activity will probably has fallen over 30% in 2020, according to forecasts from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), while a measure of unemployment will climb to 9.2%, from 5.4% in 2019.

“The recovery, after an initial, rapid resumption of activity, will take a long time to bring output back to pre-pandemic levels, and the crisis will leave long-lasting scars,” the OECD says. “Job losses in the most affected sectors, such as tourism, hospitality and entertainment, will particularly hit low-skilled, young and informal workers.”

How has 2020 been so far for you? 

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