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Afolabi Folorunsho: Your Look and Their Perspective

A good content without an attractive cover may not attract the rightful audience...

What comes to your mind, When you see a tattered dressed man and a well dress man? I think it tells you the state of their mind. It even tells you their health and financial status.

Clothing can demonstrate your culture, mood, level of confidence, interests, age, authority, values and sexual identity.

Our appearances suggests to people what they think about us at every point in time. You create peoples perception about you, when you carry the ugly or beautiful smile, or dress in that gorgeous outfit of yours.

The way and manner we show up determines many things about us; It affects our self-esteem. Just imagine, you noticed your trousers got torn in a gathering, there's this cloud of assumptions that fills you up immediately, it makes you feel that all eyes are on you, and it tilts you towards shyness and fear. Unlike when you're very sure about your look and the designers you're on, even when people look at you, you can be so sure they are looks of admiration.

The difference between Guarantee Trust Bank and Union bank is the package, there's a message GTBank passes with their choice of color and trendy banking style that attracts the modern world... You know what comes to your mind when you see a Gt bank's building. I'm sure all you could think of is fashion and Excellence ... Like I said earlier, every look has it target audience. You dress like what you want to attract... 

The first thing that gets your attention to food, apart from the aroma is definitely the look and beautiful way it is been dished.

Do you also know that your dressing is part of your résumé? it's the first thing they see before you tender any credentials. You should also look the position you're applying for. Even if, it would cost you to borrow. 

Clothing or posture, is a very good way to communicate. when I see you with a pyjamas, I could tell easily that you're ready to go to bed. I can also tell when you're stressed by merely looking at you.

Three Things that Determines Perception

Color Combination: As black is linked to mourning, it can also be tagged to boldness depending on the usage. Likewise white symbolizes purity and peace. It's also used to depict simplicity etc... Color combination should be limited to 3... Shouldn't exceed 3 except for good reasons..

Cliques: the community of friends you keep, rub-off  on your mode of dressing, talking and values..

To be honest with you, looking great is not expensive, it's more of paying attention to details. It's a lifestyle that should be imbibed by everyone... 

Your look and their perception is your job, what they should see you as, Is your job, invest in your look and attract a good set of audience...

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