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Why My Friend Cancelled His Wedding - Nairalander

A friend is calling off his wedding plans because he thinks his girlfriend lacks integrity. They have known for about 3years and he has not complained about her to me or any one.
Problem started when he got a call from the bank pleading with him to tell his girlfriend to reverse/return the excess amount credited to her account when she visited the bank to make a deposit into her account. He called his account officer to investigate the issue. The account officer confirmed that she got excess of what she wanted to deposit and she has moved all the funds to another bank.

She used the guy as her next of kin that was how they could contact him. He called his babe who denied initially but reluctantly agreed when he divulged that the bank contacted him. Dude became angry and paused all wedding plans.

The lady is begging and has cried her eyes out...what do you think? can you compromise integrity...?

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