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Luka Jovic Tests Positive for COVID-19


Both Karim Benzema and Luka Jovic were missing from the last training session before the Villarreal match, ruling out any involvement for either player.

Jovic will have a second test to confirm if he has contracted the virus. If so, he will be forced to isolate and quarantine for a minimum of 14-days.

It is something he may well be used to, as he was the centre of a major controversy back in March.

Jovic was spotted breaking regulations surrounding the pandemic, as he was pictured outside his apartment in Serbia despite being legally bound to spend 28 days in self-isolation.

He returned to his native Serbia when the Spanish season was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Jovic initially attempted to explain the error away by saying he had not been provided with clear instructions, but this was met with negative media attention and he subsequently issued a statement saying that it was his own fault for not researching the restrictions thoroughly enough ahead of his return to Serbia.

The positive test is the latest setback for Jovic at Madrid. He arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu to much acclaim from Benfica in 2019, but his form was poor and so far he has only two goals to his name for the club. In contrast, he has four in as many games for his country this month.

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