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Top 10 Most Unfaithful Professions You Probably Don't Know About

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It's quite an hilarious topic right? before diving in please keep an open mind... 

I'm about to blow your mind with the unveiling of the unfaithful servants lolz!, Please note, this is not tend towards libeling, It's only for the fun of it, Enjoy!

A study conducted by a site specializing in extra-marital relationships reveals the list of the 10 sectors where employees are most likely to cheat on their partners.

Tell me what profession you exercise, I will tell you if you are unfaithful According to a survey conducted by an extramarital dating site among its members, the professions of finance and aviation have the most unfaithful people in their couple. Next come the sectors of health, business and sport

Just a little further on come the fields of the arts, the nightlife industry and communication. Among the unfaithful women surveyed, 65% of them cheat on their husbands at work, but 85% do not recommend having an affair with colleague. Even though 58% agree that it is easier and more exciting to do it this way . To the best of my mind.

1. Finance (bankers, brokers, analysts) 

In need of love, the bankers? Those who hold positions in the finance industry are said to be the most likely to cheat on their spouses. It must be said that having your eyes riveted on their computer screen, manipulating numbers all day long, is not always pleasant. 

2 Aviation (pilots, flight attendants, flight attendant)

Far from the eyes, far from the heart ... A proverb that is particularly suited to women who work in the field of aviation. It seems that the latter have a very light heart once at altitude.   

3. Health (doctors, nurses)

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Secret love affairs between doctors and nurses or interns? This is no longer just fiction. The stress of the nursing staff in the face of daily pressure, the closed spaces and the fantasy of the white coat encourage temptations and adventures between colleagues. 

4. Commerce (CEO, managers, secretaries)

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The business world opens many doors (CEOs, managers, secretaries ...), but also those of infidelity. To believe that great dating leads to great infidelity. 

5. Sports (athletes, teachers)

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Athletes and other sportswomen complete this top 5. It's hard to resist the temptation in the midst of protruding muscles and well-defined abs. 

6. Arts (musicians, models, actresses, photographers)Embed from Getty Images

What a surprise to find the models and other actresses in 6th position as the artistic community turns all heads! 

7. Nightlife (DJs, dancers, waitresses)

Nightclubs, bars and other discotheques are places conducive to temptation. Between the intoxicating music, cocktails, all excesses are allowed!

8. Law (lawyers, secretaries, judges, prosecutors)

Those who work in the field of law are among the wisest women. They occupy eighth place in this ranking.

9. Communication (journalists, public relations, communicators)
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The field of communication is also made up of unfaithful women for some. 

10. Plumbers And other construction sectors (electricians, masons ) 

this part is quite hilarious, I'm sure most men after reading this part would not allow plumbers and the electricians into their rooms anymore.

This list is actually limitless, It's actually for the fun of it as said earlier though after gross research, and I'm sure you would agree with some. But please avoid unnecessary suspicions of your partner, Try to keep it open and simple. 

Let's have your view in comments thanks 

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