Tyson fans complain after a draw with Jones "Theft, corruption!" Tyson fans complain after a draw with Jones "Theft, corruption!" - Gistmattaz Ng : Nigeria News | Latest Naija News Today 24/7

Tyson fans complain after a draw with Jones "Theft, corruption!"


The fears that the two oldies would look bad in the ring were not justified. Mike Tyson (54) and Roy Jones Jr (51), both former champs, put on a good show. Mike Tyson always forward, still pretty fast and explosive - Jones prancing, evasive, but not affecting the fight. I

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After eight times two minutes the verdict of the WBC: Draw! If Tyson had won it would have been more fair. But this comeback fight was probably primarily about a lot of money and entertainment. In the end, both of them - unfortunately in the empty Staples Center in Los Angeles without fans - felt like winners. Mike Tyson said after his comeback after a 15-year absence in the ring: "I think I won, but I can live well with the draw."

"Tyson was robbed live on TV"

Die-hard boxing fans on the net can live less well with it. There is criticism on Twitter! «DRAWING?!?!», Someone rumbles, «did I see the same fight as the judges ??» It continues with numerous allegations such as theft and corruption: "Mike Tyson was just robbed live on TV," writes another, "while the kidneys of Roy Jones fear for their life". Continue on Twitter: “Boxing is so corrupt! I'm definitely through with it. "

The protagonists themselves take it less seriously. Both are planning to be back for show fights in the future, as long as charity is involved. "It's better than fighting for the World Cup," says Tyson. "We are now humanists, we can do good for the world with this platform." Jones agrees: “We have to do this again! Everyone loves Mike - me too, but taking punches from him is different. I'm talking to my family. If she agrees, we'll repeat that. " (red)

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