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Athur : Cristiano is more accessible than Lionel Messi

Athur is one of the few players that has had the opportunity to have Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar as companions. In an interview with the newspaper Marca, the Brazilian midfielder highlighted what they all have in common, but did not spare praise for the Portuguese ace, his teammate at Juventus .

"The mentality. Well, the talent is first, but that everyone knows they have. They are the three most talented players with whom I shared the locker room. But they also have an incredible winning mentality. They stick to a goal and work for it, they believe they can and leave life in the field if necessary. They are not content with little. They always want more. They score one goal and they want another, they score two and they want three.

"They are champions above all. In that, Messi and Ronaldo are identical. Concentrated from start to finish, always. Compared to Messi, CR & talks more and is more accessible. He never gives up if there is a teammate in need and inspires a great determination. He trains non-stop, doesn’t know what rest is and always encourages you to do your best. He leaves nothing to chance ", he added.

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Arthur also pointed out that Cristiano Ronaldo has helped a lot in his adaptation to Italian football, in addition to advice. 

"Cristiano is a spectacular guy. Since I arrived he has helped me a lot because we speak the same language. He's always close and helps me with things I don't understand. He helps me with food, he always says what I have to eat. He shouldn't eat this, that it would do me good. He cares about others, always tries to help. I was very lucky with Cristiano and the whole team, they are good people ", he concluded.

 Juventus disbursed around 72 million euros, in addition to 10 million in variables by Arthur, 23, who signed a contract for five seasons (until June 2025).

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