Champions League racism could force UEFA to revise disciplinary code. Champions League racism could force UEFA to revise disciplinary code. - Gistmattaz Ng : Nigeria News | Latest Naija News Today 24/7

Champions League racism could force UEFA to revise disciplinary code.

 A racist comment from Sebastian Coltescu, the fourth official of the game between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir, caused outrage in the players of both teams and led the clubs to abandon the Champions League match on Tuesday (8). 

In the 13th minute, referee Ovidiu Hategan sent off Cameroonian Pierre Webó, technical assistant to the Turkish team. Disgusted, he complained that Coltescu referred to him as "that Negro", in a racist context. With the athletes' refusal to return to the field, the match was suspended (will be played on Wednesday night, 9).

Now, UEFA has an unprecedented and complex situation at hand.... "According to UEFA's statutory provision, there is the possibility for the referee to declare the game suspended and consequently lost. When we observe the prediction we would never apply it thinking about the referee committing the offense. UEFA sinned when it made the regulation thinking only in fans, clubs and athletes.

She didn’t think about the possibility of the referee committing the offense. As much as the fourth referee committed the offense, I do not see the legitimacy for the central referee to declare the match suspended. There has never been a case like this, of a club refusing to play because of a racial act by the judge. 

There is a gap in the regulation in relation t...With the expulsion of Webó, there was confusion on the lawn of the Parc des Princes, in Paris. Cameroonian striker Demba Ba challenged the fourth official. "When you talk about a white guy, you don't say this white guy.

You say this guy. Listen to me, listen to me. Why then when you go to talk about a black guy do you have to talk to this black guy?" Asked Demba Ba to Coltescu. For the first time in history, players from both teams came together to protest against a racist referee who triggered a problem with the regulations.

"Sport needs to evolve, integrate, bring together and welcome. Any discriminatory act deserves a quick and strong response, like that of PSG and Istanbul players. It will pressure the sports movement to act more harshly against prejudice", says the journalist, lawyer and columnist for Lei em Campo , Andrei Kampff. UEFA also tried to dissuade players from restarting the match.

He moved Coltescu to the VAR booth and replaced him with an arbitrator who was in the video check booth. But it was not enough for the game to continue. "Uefa will be based on the referee's report, audios and videos. As it happened without fans, it is easier to listen to the audios. And it will be based on t..

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