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Doctor shocks the world with false information about covid-19


A video that is circulating on Whatsapp with a series of false news in relation to the covid-19 vaccine, more especially that made from messenger RNA, a technology considered innovative used in Pfizer and Moderna immunizers, has shocked the world.

In 4 minutes, the North American gynecologist and obstetrician Chistiane Northrup distills unfounded theories that disqualify the vaccine ranging from that it would be able to alter the DNA, creating chimeras (mythological figure resulting from the combination of different animals), until the installation of a microship capable of allowing people to be tracked. .

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It is worth remembering that there is an expectation that the Pfizer vaccine will start to be applied in the United States on the 11th and 12th of this month, after the analysis of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the US drug regulatory agency, scheduled for 10th day. 

The fake news video claims that the messenger RNA used as the basis for some covid-19 vaccines would be able to alter DNA. Infectologist Carlos Lazar, professor of infectious diseases at PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo), explains that this is impossible. "The vaccine against covid-19 does not alter human DNA. The messenger RNA is a fragment of the genetic material of the new coronavirus that does not alter the DNA of the human cell at all," he says.

Lina points out that the messenger RNA has no contact with human DNA. It is a molecule produced in the laboratory that simulates the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2, but it is unable to cause disease, it only activates the immune system when inserted and makes it produce antibodies against this specific virus.

"It is recognized by a cell that, as if it were the caretaker of a building, takes the information and takes it to a more specialized cell, which creates a complex immune response", he explains. 

Another statement considered absurd by infectologists published in the video is that "toxic metals contained in the vaccine transform the person into a 5G antenna". Lazar explains the vaccines do not contain heavy or toxic metals. "Previously, there were metals like mercury, but in minimal quantities to preserve the vaccine, to protect the vaccine product. Today there is no need because they are more purified," he says.

The false information that the use of non-human DNA would turn people into chimeras is totally unrealistic. The infectologist explains that there is no such technology to combine human DNA with the DNA of an animal, generating a third creature. "What exists is the cloning of the same animal. Science has not yet managed to make a chimera", he says. 

Another argument from the American doctor who is spreading fake news is that the vaccine would steal biometric data when injected. Biometric data are characteristics such as weight, height, eye color, explains the infectologist. "These data are for clothing manufacturers not vaccine manufacturers", he stresses. There is no way for a vaccine to "steal" data when injected or introduce a microchip for that purpose. 

Fake news also claims that the pandemic is a smokescreen for a microchip implantation plan used to track people created by Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has already told the press that the theory is false. 

The stolen data, according to the fake news doctor, would be used to connect people to the cryptocurrency. "It doesn't make sense. What are you going to do with that?" asks Lina. "It is an idea without a head or a head, a conspiracy theory that is part of an anti-vaccine movement to boycott the use of the covid-19 vaccine in a massive way," he says. 

"It is a total anti-scientificism. The amount of nonsense said is criminal. I think this is not harmless, it is harmful, it causes distrust of vaccines, people stop vaccinating, this affects public health, global health. It is not just disservice, is a crime against public health ", emphasizes infectologist Renato Kfouri, first secretary of SBIm (Brazilian Society of Immunizations).

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