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Italy has over 8,585 new cases and 445 deaths from Covid-19

Italy registered 8,585 new cases and 445 deaths from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health reported on Monday (28). With that, the country has 2,056,277 positive diagnoses and 72,370 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, at the end of February.

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The number of new positives is the lowest since October 15 and continues to maintain the decreasing average of cases in the last seven days, a decrease of 18% with 13,263 diagnoses. The average number of deaths, on the other hand, increased slightly compared to Sunday (27) - it rose from 447 to 451. However, it is 28% lower than seven days ago.

The lower numbers in December, however, may be a sign of the smaller number of tests being carried out in the country.

According to a survey carried out by physicist Giorgio Sestili, and confirmed by virologist Francesco Broccolo, from the University of Milan, Italy has practically halved the number of tests performed: from around 1.5 million per week in November, the country started to do just over 900 thousand weekly in December.

The number of active cases, which disregard deaths and cures, fell again after two days of discharge: there are 6,539 less than on Sunday, bringing to 575,221 the number of people fighting the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in the country currently.

Of these, 548,724 are in isolation at home, 23,932 are hospitalized in several medical departments and 2,565 are hospitalized in intensive care units.

The cured ones had an increase of 14,675, bringing to 1,408,686 those who managed to overcome Covid-19.

Italy started its immunization campaign against the new coronavirus this Sunday and intends to immunize the entire population by the end of 2021..

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