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How long is too long for a Relationhip

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Doubtfully, many people hold the opinion that what is meant to be will be. Also, that something that will turn out well, will give you signs right from the first moment. Though in practice, this is rarely the case.

Evidently, great feats and landmark achievements are built from gradual efforts and persistence. I know that you might be wondering what all these is about. Relationships! This is our focus for today.

How long should or can a relationship or engagement last before official plans are concluded for final settlement or alternatively but rather sadly, before the towel is thrown in.

We have heard stories of partners dating for more than five years. I have even heard a ten year old relationship. I believe you are also contemplating what is on my mind. What in heavens name are these guys doing for ten years together still on the platform of dating, engagement or courtship? Anyway, let me keep my personal bias aside actually and see how we can answer this question objectively.

How long is too long for a relationship to last?

There are some crucial reasons why relationships get prolonged. However, we are going to move straight to tackling how long two individuals should be together before either settling together or parting ways. So let us look at what could influence the decision to act either to halt the union or finally consummate it.

How to Determine How Long is too Long

Most rational persons do not just take decisions rashly. A whole lot of persons have their perceived reasons for doing certain things. Though to outsiders a relationship might seem to have outgrown it’s viability, but for those involved might have their own concrete reasons. So, let us look at why an extended relationship keeps going and why it should end.

Whether or not you truly love yourself One key sustainer of relationships is love. If the love is still strong and the emotions are freely flowing as they should, then might not be wise to terminate this relationship.

At least, there is still something holding you two together. In this case, it may not really matter how long you have known yourselves or been together already, as far as the necessary ingredients are still intact.

Conversely, if everything is dry and emotions are being forced, I believe you know where the door is. If the odds are favourable or not What way do you feel about this your partner and the relationship? Does it look like the conditions are supportive? Is everyone telling you to keep faith and hold on? ( though people may often times be wrong). Does it seem like you two have been lost to reality or things are still cool? With these questions and the kind of answers you have for them, one should be able to tell if the relationship should be sustained or aborted.

 have lost sync with reality and the odds are really against you, the you might need to make a shift. If things are finally taking shape or not It might be that one reason for all the long years was one target or another. With the passing years, how much have you guys moved closer of reaching these targets?

Maybe the man was waiting for you to be done with school, is this happening anytime soon or have you finished school since but nothing? Has he gotten the job that he was hunting for all along or he just passed and interview? They may have been conditions that held both partners and prevented them from taking action previously.

However, a careful consideration of the current state of things and the progress made in these areas will show whether or not you guys should hold on or quit. Whether the vibes and energy are still flowing or not Has your relationship turned lethargic and draining as the years keep adding up? Does this union still deliver in its promises or are things constantly falling apart? Do you still get the thrill and butterflies that you used to get initially? How stale and stagnated the relationship is should be a signal to the partners whether to work keep it or cut their losses are move on.

There is absolutely no gain in holding on to shattered dreams. Not need crying over spilled milk it is always said. Therefore, you may not be able to find expressly certified criteria in deciding the length of a relationship. There are no generally developed roles about it and as such no officially stated duration of any union. Yet, a careful consideration of the state of any relationship and an assessment of its components will help one decide what should be done with such a relationship.

Out rightly, no one can condemn a relationship because it has lasted for too long or too short. In reality, there are crucial reasons that may be responsible for this. However, it is wise to keep alert with the direction of flow of any relationship. This will enable the partners take informed choices and give such a union purpose and meaning.

Thus, deciding how long is too long is totally the duty of the parties concerned.

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